Ingene studios is a full-service production studio

Ingenuity + DNA

What we do

Ingenuity is at the core of what we do, embodied in our genes.  


We leverage video, audio and carefully curated imagery to develop content which is warmly welcomed by the intended audience, in turn enabling brands meet desired objectives. 


It’s been argued that documentaries are the truest form of filmmaking. We’ve built skills and capacity that drives this point home. We develop documentaries that touch on various subjects, depending on the needs of our clients, whether corporate, private, non-profit or governmental.


We create lively and interesting animations that captures attention, spur brand recall, and customer retention. Our approach is both practical and imaginative – integrating customer insights, using the most preferred art style and storytelling that our audiences warm up to.  


We develop campaign-inspired commercials including radio jingles and tv commercials. From conceptualization, scripting, principal photography, to post production, we create stories with fresh perspectives and insight into achieving client’s objectives.  

Movies & tv shows

Motion pictures have and will always be part of culture.  We produce films and shows that delight, excite and keep the audience at the edge of their seat. There are no limits to where imagination can take us.  

Branded Content

Advertising has taken a new turn. Branded content is a non-intrusive method of reaching your target audience, increasing brand affinity and engagement. Create a two-way dialogue with your audiences on strategic platforms.

Brand Photography

We help brands tell their story through carefully curated imagery. In the planning phase, we discover and understand the goals of the photoshoot, bring the brand to life through imagery, and persuading audiences to take action. 

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Ingene studios is a full-service production studio.