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Project Runway Nigeria

A battle of Creativity and Naked Ambition 


On Project Runway naked ambition, couture and fashion designers compete for the opportunity of a lifetime. The show which is hosted by a top celebrity who is prominent in the fashion community is a glamourous battle of creativity.  

The global success of the brand has birth 8 spin-offs in America alone including Project Runway: All-Stars, Under the Gunn, Project Runway: Junior, Project Runway All-Stars Challenge, among others. 


And now, this trendsetting show is coming to Nigeria, produced by Ingene Studios in partnership with WHAT Network. 


A tenacious fight for recognition 


Briefs, is a series centered around an advertising agency that fights to win their dream clients, in a tough and demanding industry. The characters in this comedic drama comes to life as they must prove their worth through creativity.  

This series will air on Television and consecutively on online platforms, having 10 episodes. The series embodies relatable experiences of the Nigerian corporate work culture.  


It also serves as a marketing channel that presents the brand as the hero of the story, showcasing USPs and functionalities as it relates to enabling various individuals to achieve life goals. The series will be developed to draw careful attention to the brand’s offerings, presenting them to audiences (existing and prospective) in an enjoyable, relatable dramatic depiction. 

We Just Got Back

How far away can you escape family? 


We Just Got Back is a series centered around a family who just got back to Nigeria. They have to assimilate into their new home, new jobs, new school, while coping with the intrusive behaiviours of their extended family and neighbours.  


The show is a blend of family values, technology and culture told in a satire. It focuses on interesting characters while infusing relatable local elements that spur conversations.

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