Positioning a progressive brand to carve out market share and conquer industry monoliths.

Spun off from NASCON, Dangote Classic Seasoning, wanted to make inroads into an untapped Northern market, and connect with a vibrant, adventurous audience. The brand needed to increase awareness in the Northern region of Nigeria, as well as develop a penetration strategy that would guarantee increased brand advocacy. 


concept creation,
full scale production.

Emotionally stimulating campaigns

Following intensive research into the lives of our target audience and studying their consumer behavior. We understood what influenced their purchasing decisions. We tailored this insight into a series of calculated campaigns that engaged the audience emotionally; surprising and delighting them.

Among these campaigns were ‘What's your Santi’ and ‘Cook with me’, which brought out each individual’s joyful reactions and participation in the successive cooking sessions. 


In this promotional commercial, we explore a relatable elements to connect with a vibrant and adventurous audience within northern nigeria. This was part of a larger campaign, what’s your santi, enabling dangote classic seasoning carve out market share in a highly competitive space.

Dangote penetrates the market and achieves brand advocacy

The results showed that the campaign delivered on its promise. Over 1 million cumulative impressions, reaching over 280,000 of our target audience, resulting in higher brand advocacy and penetration in the Northern market.

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