Telling Impactful Stories: Unveiling GIZ SEDIN's Financial Literacy Success in Nigeria 

GIZ, a global enterprise, operates in over 130 countries, aiming to provide tailored solutions for developing nations. In Nigeria, the GIZ SEDIN program has been working for more than a decade to promote financial literacy with the help of the government and local partners. 

Our task was to create short films and bite-sized videos documenting the impact of SEDIN's financial literacy intervention. We wanted to showcase its success and spark public interest in boosting financial literacy further. 


To start, we thoroughly studied GIZ's brand ethos , ensuring our work aligned with their identity. We immersed ourselves in SEDIN's approach, understanding its objectives, methodology, and the positive changes it brought to Nigerian communities. With this knowledge, we aimed to craft a compelling narrative that resonated with the audience.

Defining what stories to tell 

Traveling to key states including Abuja, Jos and Minna, we interviewed past participants of the program, including key partners and stakeholders. With more than a dozen stories at our disposal, we needed to highlight the most inspiring stories that would best serve the project's objectives.  

Defining what stories to tell 

The final product showcased the real-world success of the SEDIN Financial Literacy Program, encouraging further efforts to promote financial literacy in Nigeria. Our storytelling became a powerful tool to inspire change , shedding light on the achievements of GIZ SEDIN and encouraging a financially empowered future for Nigerians.  


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