Unveiling Nasarawa State's Economic Triumph: The Nasarawa Investment Summit 

Nasarawa State's journey toward becoming Nigeria's top investment powerhouse has been marked by determination and resilience. Overcoming numerous roadblocks, the State has demonstrated great promise, making deliberate efforts to stimulate its economy, enhance the productive capacities of its people, and generate wealth and job opportunities.

At the heart of this transformation lies the Nasarawa Economic Development Strategy (NEDS) (2019-2023), a testament to the State's collective commitment to implementing a practical economic transformation plan. Envisioning sustained accelerated growth driven by the private sector, NEDS aims to translate this progress into tangible improvements in citizens' lives and the achievement of key development outcomes.

A Milestone in Investment Success 

The Nasarawa Investment Summit became a pivotal moment in this journey. Themed as "Diamond in the Rough: The Making of a New Investment Frontier," the summit showcased the State's vast potential and its attractiveness as an investment destination. 


Central to this success were the persuading deal room videos, meticulously produced in line with Nasarawa State's brand ethos and personality. These videos unveiled the State's natural resources, tourist attractions, technological innovations, and various investment opportunities, leaving a lasting impression on potential investors. 


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Unearthing the fundamental question 

The most important question to be answered was simple—what is NIS, what should people know about it, and why should they care about it. Through our compelling deal room videos, we sought to answer these questions, showcasing the direction Nasarawa State is taking and branding its public image. 

Our goal was to command endearment, appreciation, and commitment. The deal room videos became a medium to weave a captivating narrative, demonstrating the State's vision for the future and its determination to drive economic growth and prosperity. 

The Nasarawa Investment Summit achieved a significant accomplishment, leading to additional $600 million in investment commitments after the summit. This triumph stands as a testament to Nasarawa State's unwavering dedication and the power of strategic communication and storytelling in inspiring investment. 

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