Harnessing the Power of Stories through Animation 

Harnessing the Power of Stories 

At the heart of Nigeria's humanitarian efforts lies the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management, and Social Development. With a mission to develop policies and coordinate national and international humanitarian interventions, they spearhead transformative initiatives to uplift communities. Among their initiatives is the N-Skills programme, a sub-division of N-Power, specifically designed to equip young Nigerians with entrepreneurial skills, paving the way for a brighter future in the local and job market. 


Our target audience was a segment of individuals who had limited access to formal education and lacked the financial resources to pursue higher learning. To bring the programme's objectives to life and engage this diverse audience, we embarked on a creative journey, crafting simplified yet captivating animations that would speak to their hearts. Embracing the richness of indigenous languages, we ensured an inclusive approach that resonated with everyone. 

Case studies became the driving force of our storytelling. By featuring successful entrepreneurs across various industries covered in the programme, we inspired aspirations and dreams. To understand the true essence of the N-Skills programme, we delved deep into the lives of past and current beneficiaries. Their stories became a testament to the life-changing impact of the project.

Enabling an integral organization to maintain the standard of growth for a nation.   

Our animations and photography exuded vibrancy and energy, speaking directly to the hearts of the youthful demographic we aimed to inspire. From concept creation to scriptwriting, animation, principal photography, and execution, we embraced a holistic approach to ensure that every aspect of the project was executed seamlessly. Logistics management ensured that the vision we crafted came to life without a hitch. 


Concept creation,
Principal photography,
execution & logistics management,

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