Empowering an Inclusive Energy Future 

Creatively communicating a brand mission   

With a solid foundation in global energy production and distribution, TotalEnergies stands tall as an industry giant, operating in over 130 countries. From oil and biofuels to natural and renewable energies, their diverse portfolio empowers nations with reliable energy solutions. 


However, the brand sought to reshape its narrative, placing a renewed focus on sustainability and inclusivity for all. 

Over the decades, TotalEnergies' extensive mission was overshadowed by a common perception—that their emphasis solely revolved around fuel-related products. To unlock the full potential of new brand extensions and services, this perception needed a transformation. 

Introducing Café Bonjour, Bonjour, TouchPoint, Lubricants, Solar Hybrid Solution, and more, TotalEnergies aimed to revolutionize the energy market with innovative offerings. To achieve this, they turned to us to craft a compelling message that would capture the audience's attention and truly resonate with them. 


Our creative journey began with a clear objective—to communicate TotalEnergies' brand mission in a way that touched the hearts of people locally and globally. 

We knew that to captivate the audience, we needed to personalize the content. Understanding our target audience inside out, we tapped into their aspirations, values, and preferences. This invaluable insight became the fuel for our creative direction. 


Through an array of visual and audio-visual content, such as radio spots, animations, and motion graphic videos, we aimed to weave a magical narrative. Each piece of content harmonized TotalEnergies' dedication to sustainability and inclusivity with the audience's desires and dreams. 


Mixing & mastering,

A Local Touch for Global Impact 

One size doesn't fit all, and we recognized the importance of localizing our message. By tailoring the content to each region's unique sensibilities, we established a powerful emotional connection with the audience. 

At the heart of our storytelling stood TouchPoint—an innovative payment solution that exemplified TotalEnergies' commitment to progress and accessibility. Through the power of creative expression, we showcased how TouchPoint could revolutionize energy experiences, making them seamless and efficient for all. 

Creating a Ripple of Change 

As our compelling content began to reach the masses, we witnessed a remarkable transformation. The outdated perception of TotalEnergies slowly gave way to a new understanding—one that celebrated their broader mission and forward-thinking initiatives. 

Through our creative efforts, we empowered TotalEnergies to embrace their identity as a driver of sustainability and inclusivity. The audience's enthusiastic response was a testament to the success of our approach. 

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